About Me

Who is C-Ray?

My name is Christopher “C-Ray” Rayson  ” I am a Dallas Visual Artist who has been creating art since the 90’s. I paint what I feel and have a connection to.I have a passion for black and white acrylic paintings with a splash of color this is my signature art style. I was born in Dallas, Texas. I have loved drawing and art since a child in kindergarten. Enroute to my ultimate career as a professional visual artist, I have been active in many fields, directly and indirectly related to the visual arts, all the while honing my craft. Even as an established artist, I have completed work in numerous private homes, night clubs, high schools and barbershops. My large portraits of people and other subjects emerge from my reality and family values. I try to make sure all my paintings convey emotion. I say, “Some artists want to make millions off their art, I’d rather touch millions of people art really can heal.” I feel my style is more of a Casual Realism. My art has taken me places I’ve never been and will live a life of it’s own. I received a scholarship To the Art Institute of Dallas after graduating from Lancaster High School in 1995. I’ve been blessed with opportunities to do artshows through a organization called RAW Artists of Dallas, which has lead to me working with club promoters such as The Men of Business Live and the Co-Operative Group. Through these partnerships I’ve been able to do art for various celebrities, civil rights leaders and athletes. My goal is to use my gift to make a positive impact on the world.


I want to translate feelings through my art. It’s like a search for connection. In expressing what I have inside me, as an individual. What sets us apart is also what unites us.